Week commencing 27/4/2020

Hello Nursery!

Here are your learning tasks for this week. Are you ready to have fun?

Home Learning Week 2 Nursery -(A Word file)

To help you along you can find all the files below:


  • Watch the link below to listen to this week’s key story, there’s also a Power point version on our class page on the website for you to try to read together.
  • When you’ve heard the story then write a letter to the Zoo to ask them to send you a pet. After that you can create a story map or zig zag book to show the animals they might send to you!!
  • Will you send them back? Check out this Powerpoint where you can stay on pages and explore them for longer- Dear Zoo story powerpoint -(A Powerpoint file)

Expressive Arts and Design:

  •  EYFS-listen-and-play-pets -Can you recognise the sounds that different animals make? Can you make animal sounds? Listen to the radio programme on the link below to find out more about animal sounds and hear a story about a Guinea Pig who lost his squeak.
  • Try singing some familiar songs but instead of words use noises- see if your family can guess the song from the tune. Upload your videos to your profiles to see if your teacher can guess too!

Communication and Language:

  • Magic-biscuits -Have a look at this amazing image and encourage your child just to talk about what they see and what they think has happened. Use the “Story starter” and “Question time” to extend the discussion.

Personal, Social and Emotional:

  • Watch the story below on Youtube “You can do it Sam”
  • Try to think about things that you can now do by yourself (independently) maybe draw a picture, write a list or video yourself doing these things.

Physical Development:

  • Animal-Movements-PowerPoint -(A Powerpoint file) Let’s see which animals you can move like! Use a dice, make a dice or number six different animals. Ideas are on our class website on the Powerpoint. Roll the dice and move like the animal it lands on.


  • DearZoo/CardMatch-Have a go at the memory game above and then make your own set of animal pair cards- make 10 cards in total then you can play lots of different games.
  • number zoo – Use these details to get onto the site- username: student22697, password: aspass
  • Watch the espresso clip above to learn about how animals are weighed and measured in the zoo- then maybe you could do some measuring yourself. Pets, people, objects – you choose!

Understanding the World:

  • Click on the link below to watch a shadow version of “Dear Zoo”, look closely at the shapes that are created. Have a go at making some shadow puppet animals of your own to use indoors or out. See if you can use your hands to make the shapes of any of the animals too!
  • As the book this week looks at the sizes of animals it links quite nicely with the whole school science challenge. Why not have a go!
  • We would like you to be true scientists, and investigate:  Is there a link between the length of your outstretched arms and your height? This week, many other year groups in our school will be investigating this too, so if you have a brother or sister in school you may be able to work with them. Grown ups – please make your own judgement about whether to complete the younger or older child activity for this, dependent upon your child’s writing ability.”(Mrs Calley)
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