Week commencing 4/5/2020

Hello Nursery!

Here are your learning tasks for this week. Are you ready to learn about VE Day this week?

Week-3-2 Nursery -(A Word file)

To help you along you can find all the files below:


  • We need to work together to stop the robbers and help people know who look out for.Can you create a WANTED poster to help catch the criminals?  You could use the pro-forma to help or create your own!
  • character-wanted-poster

Expressive Arts and Design:

You could also create a table place mat or a party hat!

Communication and Language:

  • We have seen Captain Tom Moore achieve great things recently. Have a look at the image (On school website – Kidzone) and encourage your child just to talk about what they see and what they think has happened.Use the prompts on the word document to extend the discussion.
  • CLL activity 4th may (Word file)

Personal, Social and Emotional:

  • Demonstrate our Value of the Week (Pride) If you click on the link below you’ll hear Winston Churchill announce the news and you can hear how happy and proud everyone is:

  • Why don’t you look the power point below to find out a little more about why we celebrate VE day. Then you can feel proud too!
  • VE-Day-Powerpoint  (Powerpoint file)

Physical Development:

  • The holiday this week is to celebrate VE day but usually we celebrate May Day at this time. Watch the video clip of people celebrating by dancing around the May pole and Morris dancing. Have a go (you may need to ask an older sibling or adult to stand in the middle to be the Maypole)
  • Physical Activity Information


  • Let’s play a counting game! This is for as many players as you wish. Each player needs an image of a ladybird. This can be drawn or use the image on the school website) Roll the dice (or pick a number card) and place that many spots on the ladybird, again you could draw the, use buttons, counters etc.Extension activity -The ladybird only has one side of his spots! He needs help with putting the spots on the other side of his body.  Can you write the number sentences to match the new ladybird?
  • ladybird pro forma for maths activity 4th may (Word file)
  • ladybird-doubles-to-20-activity-sheet -(Pdf file)

Understanding the World:

  • In WW2, paratroopers (military parachutists) were used to help the land army in battles.
  • This week, can you make a parachute for your very own ‘paratrooper’?
  • Can you slow the speed of your parachute by changing its size?
  • See our Science Enquiry sheet below for more information!
  • UTW info VE day (Word file)
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