Week commencing 18/5/2020

Hello Year 6!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning about this week.

Week 5 (A Word file)

Value of the Week

ResilienceThis value is all about making mistakes, not giving up and bouncing back. Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill or hobby but found it too tricky at first? Well now is the time to try again!

Word of the Week

Privilege – a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others.



  • This week we would love you to start reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, so Chapter 1 has been uploaded onto our Class Dojo page and school website. We know it isn’t quite the same as enjoying a book being read aloud together at the end of each day, but you’re all going to love this particular story so much. There are then some questions to answer about the chapter.
  • Chapter 1 -(Word file)


  • For this week’s writing task, we have decided to leave it totally up to you, a chance to really get creative and let your imagination run wild. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. The title for your narrative is ‘In the Middle of the Night’ and it can be as spooky or exciting as you like. You can find the prompt sheet with some ideas and prompts on our Class Story. Please remember to use all of your editing skills to check spelling and punctuation.
  • In the middle of the night -(Word file)


This week we would like you to look at some different synonyms and antonyms relating to the word said. These come in very handy in your writing. Remember that a synonym is another word with a similar meaning and an antonym is a word which means the opposite.

bellowed, screeched, squealed, shrieked, squawked, whispered, murmured, breathed, sighed, muttered

Get Creative

This week, we would like you to try something different and to have a go at some photography. We will be posting a really helpful guide full of hints and tips to help you think about the subject and the composition of your photographs. I know lots of you have mobile phones with a camera on, but if not, I’m sure an adult in your house wouldn’t mind you borrowing theirs if you ask nicely. Or they may have a camera that you can borrow. You could use anything around your house or garden as the subject for your photography project. Remember to stay safe and be careful with any equipment. We can’t wait to see the results.

Time to Move

Remember that there are so many wonderful resources out there to give you ideas and inspire you to get moving. You can do PE with Joe, dance with Oti or practise your skills with Coach Ellis. However, whatever you do counts! Feel free to send us more pictures of you dancing, trampolining, skateboarding and just generally playing! Just try to keep as active as you can.


Enquiry time!

This week we are challenging you to make a paper spinner! Then we would like you to carry out a fair test (just like real scientists do) to investigate:

How can you change the paper spinner to make it accurately hit a target?

Take a look at the Science files to find out more and to help with your investigation.


This week we would like you to complete some questions that are all based around statistics. You can use the graphs, charts and tables to answer the questions. Remember when reading a graph, it is so important to take note of all the information on it, check the labels and most importantly the scale. Does it go up in 1’s, 2’s or even 50’s?

We would also love you to focus on spending some time on Numbots and TTRS. We are all still getting to grips with it but the more time we spend exploring, the more we can enjoy the resources and the more we can learn. So look out for battle challenges!

Our World

Year 6, we know how enthusiastic you were about learning Spanish and you had made such a wonderful start with the language. You can find loads of videos and games to help you explore and strengthen your vocabulary on Espresso. Just log in and find the Spanish section in languages. Remember your log in for Espresso is student22697 and the password is aspass. There are also some activities linked to learning the days of the week.

Our next Geography topic was going to be all about mountains. We have set you an activity which asks you to use the internet or an atlas to locate and label some of the world’s most famous mountain ranges on a map. If you don’t want to print off the map. You can simply use your work book to write down the mountain range and which country or countries it lies in.

Code of Conduct

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