Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Hello Year 1!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning about this week.

Week 6 plan-(A Word file)

Value of the Week:

Our value this week is integrity Doing the right thing is super important for everybody during lockdown.  Share how you might have done the right thing to earn a dojo.  Maybe you’ve helped a grown up without being asked?  Tidied up after yourself? We cannot wait to see!

Word of the Week:

Highway – a main road connecting major towns or cities.


This week we have chosen “The Highway Rat” by Julia Donaldson as our focus text. Read the story at home if you have it, then watch the story come to life with the link below.

In the story, a greedy rat travels the highway to steal other animals’ food.  We would like you to create a wanted poster for the Highway Rat using the frame provided or your work books. What does he look like? What crime did he commit? Where was he last seen?

OR you could write a letter of apology from the Highway Rat to the other animals.


Carry on with your RWI lessons online and have a go at the attached comprehension task.


Support your child to read the information to then help answer the questions.

Get Creative:

The Highway Rat loves to eat cake! After changing his ways, he decides to work in a cake shop.  Can you design a cupcake for the shop window?  Maybe you can bake one too!!

Label the ingredients and decorations used – remember to be creative!!

Time to Move:

Kids Cosmic Yoga is a fantastic Youtube channel with activities for lots of different themes, including Pokemon, Wizards and Trolls!


Once again this week we are encouraging you to be real scientists and to make careful observations about shadows.

How does a shadow change over time?

See the attached sheet for more information, along with the sundial activity for a bit of an extra hands-on challenge. Have fun!


This week our maths work will focus on subtraction. Children can use different strategies to complete their work, including drawing objects and crossing out, jumping back on a number line, and counting back in their head using their fingers to help.

-We have attached a few different maths activities based around subtraction, including calculations and word problems. Choose which activities you would like to tackle, or even challenge yourself and have a go at completing them all!

Here is a link to an online game:

Our World:

In the story, the Highway Rat’s manners were ‘rough and rude’. He never shared and thought stealing was OK.

Think about ways in which we can help the Highway Rat to think about his own behaviour towards the animals.  Why is stealing wrong?

Can you make a list of good manners to help the Highway Rat be nicer to others?  Maybe you could design a poster on why sharing is important.  We can then display them in school!

Code of Conduct

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