Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Hello Year 2!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning about this week.

Weekly overview – Monday 1st June -(A Word file)

Value of the Week:

Integrity – do the right thing / make the right choice

We discuss this value a lot in school and it is just as important at home too – it takes real courage and honesty.

Can you discuss with your family a time when you have shown integrity?

How did it make you feel?

Why is it an important value?

Word of the Week:

Climate is the average measurements of temperature, wind, humidity, snow, and rain in a place over years.

Climate is like the weather, but over a long time.



Greek Salad Reading comprehension

Read through the recipe and facts on the sheet and then answer the questions. Remember to look for the answer in the text.



Write your own rhyming food poem

If your houses are anything like ours then food is the main topic of conversation-all day, every day! So, why not write about it?

The American poet Kenn Nesbitt has created a series of poems all themed around food-we’ve included some of these to read then a step by step guide on how to create your poem.

Have fun and play around with the rhyming words or if you’re feeling brave just create a whole new poem of your very own!


Y1 and Y2 common exception words. Test yourself and see which ones you need to learn.

Get Creative:

If your house is anything like mine, most of our daily conversations are around food at the minute and children asking when is it time for dinner, a snack, a drink, a biscuit, another snack, and so on! So this week we thought we’d try to make each other smile by creating our own food faces! Be as creative as you like, there are a few more   ideas on the resource sheet, but please make sure you send us a photo of your creation before you eat it!  #H2S

Time to Move:

This week we have set you a four different 60 second PE challenges to complete.

Can you achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold? Which will be your favourite challenge – Socks in the box, Catch and clap, Star jumps or Squat jumps? Have fun and let us know which ones you have completes so we can add your dojos #H2S


Once again this week we are encouraging you to be real scientists and to make careful observations about shadows.

How does a shadow change over time?

See the attached sheet for more information, along with the sundial activity for a bit of an extra hands-on challenge. Have fun!


This week we will be making sure you can recognise each coin and understand its value.

Look through the Money Powerpoint to remind yourself what each coin looks like and how we can use different coins to make the same amount.

Free picture (Coin purse) from

Start with the smaller coins first and see if you can make 10p in different ways – e.g. 5p+5p, 2p+2p+2p+2p+2p

Then try the same activity with 20p, 50p, etc.

A great way to learn about money is to make your own pretend shop. Make price tags / labels for your items and then pay for them using coins you have at home.

– You can find coins to make the exact amount, e.g. 17p, 25p, etc.

– Try buying 2 items, add up how much they cost and then pay using your coins

– Be the shopkeeper and use subtraction to give change – if an item costs 16p, how much change will you get from 20p?

Have a go at completing some of the activity sheets after you’ve played shop and send us some of your photos #H2S

Our World:

Where does our food come from?

Think about how many things we eat each day. Where/how did they start life? Were they grown/reared here in England or in a hot, exotic climate? Did the things on your plate start life as a plant or animal? How were they made?

Have a look at the where food comes from in the powerpoint and watch this video to find out more.

Now think about your favourite meal…

  • Can you research where each part/different ingredient came from?
  • Make a poster/diagram to show the journey your food has gone on from where it was first grown/reared until it arrived on your plate!

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