Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Hello Everyone!

Here are your learning tasks for this week.

Week 6 Early Years Home Learning 1st June-(A Word file)

Personal, Social and Emotional:


To help you along you can find all the files below:

Look at the picture showing the pirates taking the treasure!

Would it be right for the pirates to take it? Would it be an honest thing to do?

If you found something that didn’t belong to you, what would you do?


This week’s story “Plunge into the Pirate Pool” sees Albie meeting a gang of pirates. Jump into our story-

What would you need to be a pirate?

  • Draw yourself as a pirate adding all the things you would need- eye patch, sword, hat etc.
  • Create your own message to go in a bottle.  Maybe you could write a message or draw a picture for a member of your family that you haven’t been able to see recently?

There is a suggested writing frame to help you design your own.

Expressive Arts and Design:

Ever fancied turning into a Pirate?! Now is your chance!

Have a go at creating your own;

Pirate Hat:


Don’t forget to upload to your portfolios! I can’t wait to see your Pirate selfies!

Communication and Language:

Pirates love treasure, usually gold, jewellery and valuable items. The octopus in the story was protecting her own treasures – her babies. Treasure also means something special or important to you.

Have a look around your house for things that you treasure – photos, shell or pebble that reminds you of a holiday, gift from someone special. You could make a “treasure chest” from an egg box to keep them in. (See idea on website)

Talk to your grown up about why they are a treasure to you.

Physical Development:

Let’s be a pirate, jump on board with Boogie Beebies!


Take a look at the pirate picture on the website and find the shapes.

  • Why not see what shapes you can find in your house as you do a Pirate shape hunt of your own?
  • shape hunt record sheet-(Pdf file)
  • Count the shapes that you find. How many rectangle shapes could you find?
  • Record the shapes that you find by drawing or an adult writing them down.
  • pirate 2d shape picture for Maths activity -(Pdf file)

Understanding the World:

The pirates in the story found the Treasure under the water. Think about what you would see if you were under the sea. Watch some of the video clips and look at some of the pictures to find out what you might see.

  • Draw a picture showing what you would see below the water and above the water.

This week’s whole school Science challenge looks like a lot of fun!

How does a shadow change over time?

See the attached sheet for more information, along with the sundial activity for a bit of an extra hands-on challenge. Have fun!

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