Week Commencing 22nd June 2020

Hello Year 1!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning about this week;

Week 9 learning plan-(A Word file)

Value of the Week:

Respect = How can you show someone respect this week? Share how you have shown respect on your portfolio to earn a dojo.

Word of the Week:

Analog clock – A clock or watch is called “analog” when it has moving hands and (usually) hours marked from 1 to 12 to show you the time.


This week our focus text is Julia Donaldson’s “The Gruffalo”, Read the story and then watch the animated video to remind yourself of the story.


Imagine that you are walking in the wood and out jumps the Gruffalo! Write a short story about what you would do, remember a story needs to have a beginning, middle and end.


Continue your RWI lessons and complete the attached reading comprehension.


Continue the RWI spelling lessons and focus on any red words you struggle with.


Have a go at the attached activity – write sentences correctly using the suffix er or est.

Get Creative:

For your creative challenge, we would like you to have a go at making your very own Gruffalo!

It could be the same as the Gruffalo in the story or you could make your own version.

We cannot wait to see all of the different ways you make your very own Gruffalo.

Time to Move:

We will be enjoying having a go at a mixture of Just Dance routines and some cosmic yoga in school this week. Why not have a go at both with us?


This week we have an ice challenge for you! You will need 4 different ice cubes: one placed in water, another in sugar, another in salt and one on its own.

What happens to the ice over time?

We can’t wait to see your results!


This week we are going to focus on telling the time. It is a key life skill to be able to tell the time and in year one we focus on understanding O’clock and half past.

Have a look at the attached power points to learn how to identify O’clock and half past on an analog clock. Then have a go at the attached worksheets.

Use this link to change the time on a clock – can you identify different times?

Can you identify the correct times?

Our World:

For your “Our World” learning this week we would like you to research a well know person and how they have helped during the Coronavirus pandemic.

For example, Marcus Rashford has worked hard to make sure all children will have enough food over the summer holidays.

Make a fact file or a poster to share what you have learned with everyone.

Code of Conduct

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