Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Hello Year 3!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning about this week;

Home learning overview Week 5-(A Word file)

Value of the Week:

Our value this week is Resilience.

You have all shown amazing resilience, as have your grown-ups, over the last few months of home learning.

Have you found something particularly challenging that you have kept trying with? Share it with us #hts

Word of the Week:

Nocturnal – active at night

Plumage – a bird’s feathers


This week we are focusing on nature! Lockdown has been a time when many of us have noticed more the wildlife in our gardens, so let’s make the most of it while we can!

Reading Comprehension:

This week there are two reading comprehensions to choose from – one about birds in your garden, and one about doorstep wildlife.

Grown ups – Please select the level appropriate for your child’s reading ability. Two or three star will probably be most appropriate.


This week we have a creative writing task – so let your imagination run wild!

Imagine that birds went to Bird School. What classes would they teach? Can you describe each class?

Would they learn about catching worms? Flying? Building a nest? Maybe magpies would learn about spotting treasure, or robins would learn about making Christmas magical! Use our prompt sheet to help you before writing up in neat.


Please see the attached sheets for spellings to learn and practice. There are separate lists for Mrs Calley’s and Mr Garry’s English sets.

Get Creative:

Go on a hunt in your garden or on a local walk, collecting items such as sticks, flowers and leaves.

Can you make a nature frame or a face with your items like these examples? See our guidance sheet for more information. Remember to share your creations with your classmates #hts

Time to Move:

Try to complete at least two Joe Wicks workouts or Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions this week.


Seeing as our leaf detective activity proved quite popular a few weeks ago, we now have another nature inspired challenge!

Can you identify birds in your garden or on a local walk?

Use our handy bird spotting guide above to help you!


There is symmetry all around us in nature!

Step 1 – Work through the powerpoint, about symmetry.

Step 2 – Complete sheet 1

Grown ups – use your judgement whether to complete the one or two star activity with your child, dependent upon their confidence/ ability.

Step 3 – Choose one or more of the activities in the symmetry booklet to have a go at – some of them will really stretch your brain!

Step 4 – Extension. Nature is full of symmetry! Can you find any examples of symmetry in your garden?

Step 5 – There are extra challenges on Espresso if you have worked through all of the above!

(Key Stage 2 – Maths – Symmetry lower)

Username: student22697   Password:aspass

Our World:

You could research more about garden birds on the RSPB and Woodland Trust websites. Have you spotted any of these birds in your garden?  You can also listen to their songs:

Can you research some other common wildlife in your garden? Many of these animals are nocturnal so may not be seen during the day!

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