Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Hello Year 4!

Week 5- 22.6.20 Overview and Resources PDF-(A Pdf file)

Value of the Week:

Resilience. Show resilience in everything you do this week. Don’t give up! Try, try and try again!

Word of the Week:

Erosion is the wearing away of the land by forces such as water, wind, and ice.


  • Task One: Listen to Chapter One of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. After listening to the chapter, complete the reading mat.
  • Task Two: Adjective Detective. Find examples of adjectives for colour, size and texture in Chapter One.
  • Task Three: Plan and Write: Plan your descriptive paragraph by choosing adjectives, similes and personification you could use to describe the Iron Man. Once you have collected your ideas, write a short paragraph describing The Iron Man.

Please see attached both Y3/4 Statutory spellings and 100 Club. Instructions bellow.


Class Novel Chapter 10 – The Boy at the Back of the Class

Get Creative:

Drawing: Chris Mould is the illustrator of Ted Hughes’ novel, ‘The Iron Man’. Learn how to illustrate like Chris Mould by following this link and watch how you can also draw Iron Man.

DT: Why not create your own Iron Man using house-hold materials? Help to bring Ted Hughes’ description to life. Use toilet roll tubes, tin foil, bottle tops and create a 3D model.
Send in your images on Class Dojo #H2S

Time to Move:

We know how much you enjoy Just Dance at school so here is a link to get up and move at home:


Seeing as our leaf detective activity proved quite popular a few weeks ago, we now have another nature-inspired challenge!

Can you identify birds in your garden or on a local walk?

Use our handy bird-spotting guide to help you!


This week’s mental maths sheets can be found below.
Remember you have 20 minutes to answer all of the questions. Set a timer and see if you can beat your score each day. If you are struggling with a specific question, please let us know!
Last week, it was mainly transforming shapes and plotting coordinates questions which you dropped points on. Here are some useful links to help recap and secure your knowledge.

How can I transform a shape?

What are coordinates?

Our World:

Iron Man came to the top of the cliff…but how are cliffs formed?

Cliff are formed because of a process called erosion.

Task One: Research Erosion is. Why is it dangerous for those who live near erosion? Here is a useful website link:

Task Two: Dave Smith and his family live at the top of a cliff. (See image below). However, he does not want to move. Write a letter to Mr Smith explaining the dangers of erosion and what could happen if he does not move.
(More resources provided in plan)

Code of Conduct

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