Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Hello Year 6!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning about this week;

Week-10-Plan-(A Word file)

Value of the Week:

Our value of the week, this week, is Resilience.

This value is all about making mistakes, not giving up and bouncing back. Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill or hobby but found it too tricky at first? Well now is the time to try again!

Word of the Week:

Transition– the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

“students will transition from one school to another”



This week I would like you to look at the poem The Magic Box. I have attached a copy and you can also watch the poet Kit Wright reading it using the following link:

I would like you to write your own version of this poem. Use the same layout as Kit does, so start your poem ‘I will put in the box…’ Note, that all the things Kit puts in his box aren’t actually possible…it doesn’t make sense! However, his use of clever language and imagery make his poem mysterious and elegant. This is what you have to try to achieve. If you are stuck on how to start, take one of Kit’s lines and change a couple of words to make it your own.


We are carrying on with Kensuke’s kingdom as so many seem to be enjoying the story.  I have included Chapter 6 and some questions to help with your understanding.


This week we would like you to go to the website below and have a go at one of the games. You will have a list of words on the side and anagrams to solve in the form of eggs or bouncing balls etc.

Get Creative:

One great way of recycling and reusing things, to cut down on waste, is to junk model.  This week we would like you to use anything that you find around you to create something.  I am not setting any limits on this but your parents/carers may need asking before you use something.

Time to Move:

Remember that there are so many wonderful resources out there to give you ideas and inspire you to get moving. You can do PE with Joe, dance with Oti or practise your skills with Coach Ellis. However, whatever you do counts! Feel free to send us more pictures of you dancing, trampolining, skateboarding and just generally playing! Just try to keep as active as you can.


Seeing as our leaf detective activity proved quite popular a few weeks ago, we now have another nature-inspired challenge!

Can you identify birds in your garden or on a local walk?

Use our handy bird-spotting guide to help you!

See our guidance sheet for more information.


This week with football returning, and Liverpool winning the league, I thought I would tie in our maths home learning to this.  Attached is a statistics challenge for the FA cup in 2017.  For question 6 only work out the mean (add together and divide by how many there are) .

We would also love you to continue spending some time on Numbots and TTRS.   Maths Whizz is also there helping you work at your level and introducing the skills and consolidation you need!

Our World:

A few weeks ago, Miss Kellett and Miss Matthews gave you a task to locate different mountains on a map or atlas.  This week we would like you to pick a mountain and make a little fact file about it.

Include information about its location; height; when it was first climbed and by whom; any famous routes up the mountain; what can you see from the summit; and anything else interesting that you can find.  You can present this in any way you want.

Code of Conduct

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