Our school is committed to developing individual potential within a happy, safe and stimulating environment where mutual respect and understanding towards others is encouraged.

Ethos and Values

Central to our ethos is the development of each individual. We promote high self-esteem within a caring environment. We foster a relationship of respect and trust so that children feel happy and secure. We value each person’s contribution, irrespective of gender, race or religion. Learning is sensitively and effectively implemented so as to encourage, support and motivate all children to achieve the highest standards.

Aims of the staff and Governing Body

  1. We aim to develop self-esteem so that all pupils feel happy, secure and respected.
  2. We aim to foster a relationship of trust and respect among all involved with our school community.
  3. We aim to provide a secure and caring environment in which all learning can be sensitively and effectively implemented.
  4. We aim to treat everyone equally irrespective or gender, race or religion.
  5. We aim to develop children who are happy with a positive attitude towards themselves, others and learning.
  6. We aim to prepare children for a smooth transition to the next phase of their education.