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MondayTalk 4 WritingPhonicsProjectStorytime
TuesdayNumber timePhonicsProject
WednesdayUnderstanding the WorldPhonicsProject
ThursdayExpressive artsPhonicsProject
FridayTalk 4 WritingPhonicsProject
Additional activities – 

I’m a spring chicken song

Create your own Chick

This shows the aims and objectives that we are developing this half term –
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MondayTalk 4 WritingPhonicsProject
1st March 

This week we are continuing the “Talk for writing approach” with the children. 

It is a simple way to help the children to develop their language through storytelling.

We will be focusing on the nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a little lamb’ this week.

Watch the clip with your child and encourage them to make up  some actions.  This will help them to remember the rhyme better.

Mary had a little lamb nursery rhyme

Keep practicing with your child the rhyme with the actions to help them remember it!

This week we will be focusing back on alliteration – where two or more sounds have the same first letter.  Everyday we will have a different book!

Today we will be looking at Adam and the Alligator.  Encourage your child to point to things that begin with the letter ‘a’.  Can they see any different things on each page?

Also, on the back page, practice using your magic finger to write the letter ‘a’ sound in the air.  In early writing, we encourage children to use the letter formation rhyme, ‘around the apple and down the leaf” for the letter a.  Encourage your child to join in with this rhyme to help form their letters correctly.

Adam and the Alligator

This week is World Book week!

Take a look at the World Book week PDF

World Book Week PDF

With your child, take a look at their book collection at home.  Do they have a favourite book? Why is that book their favourite? Does it have a unique character or a special setting? Talk to your child all about that book and write down why it is their favourite.

Take a picture of the story for your child’s portfolio and send it through on Dojo!

Then using some of your books from home, use the scavenger hunt checklist to find different books with these key settings, characters and props in.

Scavenger Hunt checklist

The winner today is…

Smiley Shark

Enjoy boys and girls!

TuesdayNumber timePhonics Project
 2nd MarchToday we will be focusing our maths learning on saying numbers in the correct order. Join in with the counting song below. Make sure that you add a finger each time you say the next number.

Number song 1-10

Then give your child a number and an action, for example, 5 claps. Can your child count how many they are doing as they go and stop at the correct number?

Numberjacks – One more time

During your daily exercise, can your child spot ‘real life numbers’?

Today we will be looking at the story ‘Tommy the Tiger’.  I wonder if you notice what special sound we are focusing on today?

When forming our sound ‘t’, we use the rhyme ‘down the tower, across the tower’. Maybe use your magic finger to try and write it in the air.  Can you form it correctly?

Tommy the Tiger

To continue our World Book week celebrations, can your child draw a picture of their favourite books front cover?

If you need some inspiration, here is a selection of my favourite children’s books!

Book covers

The winner today is…

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet!

Enjoy everyone!

WednesdayUnderstanding the worldPhonicsProject
3rd MarchExplain to your child that we are now in the season Spring.  What does your child know about Spring? Can they remember anything they saw on their Spring walks from last week?

Today, we will be looking at different baby animals that are born in Spring time. Take a look at the powerpoint PDF

What can you see?

What different animals did you see? Did you guess any from the clues?

Now, take a look at the Spring animals book from espresso

Baby animals book

Username: student22697

Password: aspass

Finally, can you match the animals with their babies? I wonder how many you can get!

Matching animals and babies game

Our story today is ‘Down in the Dark’.  

Down in the Dark

When forming the letter sound ‘d’, we use the rhyme ’round the dinosaurs bottom, up his long neck, down to his feet’.  

Can your child practice forming their letter sound ‘d’ with their magic finger? For a challenge, could they have a go at writing it? 

For this afternoon, you will need your favourite story book again.  Can you make any props or characters to help you remember your story? Grown ups, it would be a lovely idea to record your child retelling their story using their props for their portfolio!Charlie and Lola – We must completely go to London!
ThursdayExpressive arts PhonicsProject
4th March

World Book Day


Thinking more about Spring today and the baby animals being born, what baby animal would you like to have and why?

I think I would like to have a baby lamb as they are so fluffy and cuddly!

Can you create your own baby animal? You could draw it, paint it or use craft materials! The more creative the better.  Use the PDF for some ideas.

Take a picture of your lovely creations for your portfolio on dojo!

Spring animals ideas

The children have been very busy this week learning new sounds and revisiting alliteration.  For today’s sound, we are looking at the letter ‘o’.  Read the story together, pausing at different parts to find objects beginning with the letter ‘o’.

Oscar Octopus  

Then have a try at forming the letter ‘o’.  For our rhyme today, we say ‘all around the orange’.  Get your child to form it using their magic finger and then writing it.  You could write it in foam, using a pencil/pen, paint it etc.

Happy World Book Day! 

Today, spend the day dressed as your favourite book character! Are you going to dress as a character from your favourote story book?

You could maybe take on the role of your character and pretend to be them throughout the day.

Take a photograph of your child dressed as their character for their portfolio on dojo!

The Princess Frog
FridayTalk 4 WritingPhonicsProject
5th MarchRevisit the nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a little lamb’ with the actions!

Mary had a little lamb

Have your child take on the role of the teacher…

What did they think when they saw the lamb in the classroom? Should it have been there? 

Why shouldn’t we have a lamb in school? Would it cause mischief? 

We would like you to read the book (link below) with your child. Have a look at the information at the end of the pdf that gives more information about how to use the book and has a suggested story that you can tell your child. The important thing is to talk with your child about how they feel about returning to Nursery.

Lenny and Lily Return to School wordless book

Would you please write a note on your child’s portfolio about the discussion that you had with your child and also let me know if there have been any significant events or issues during this lockdown that we need to be aware of before your child returns on Monday.


To finish our week children, we are looking at the sound ‘h’.  Listen to the story with your grown up and point to the things that begin with ‘h’.  

Hassan’s Horse

When forming the sound ‘h’, we say ‘down the head to the hooves and over his back’.  Have your child practice this sound with both their magic finger and forming it somehow, again they could write it or paint it etc. 


To finish our lovely World Book Week, listen to the story ‘We love Hugless Douglas’.  

Hugless Douglas story 


The Princess and the Wizard