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Story Time


MondayStory chestPhonicsProject
TuesdayNumber timePhonicsProject
ThursdayNumber timePhonicsProject
Friday LiteracyPhonicsProject
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LiteracyPhonics Book week project Storytime
T-T-28421-Mary-Had-a-Little-Lamb-Powerpoint_ver_1 (2)

Today we are going to focus on another rhyme. As Miss Inman stated last week rhyme is really important to your child’s overall  language development. This week’s rhyme is “Mary had a little lamb”

Click on the link above and read the rhyme. Ask some key questions. What was a fleece and where was it on the lambs body? What else could it be as white as? Why couldn’t the lamb go to school? Why did the lamb wait for Mary all day?

Practise the rhyme and it would be lovely to see you performing it for us to watch

Phonics with Felix

Why not join Felix for some oral blending and segmenting

Book Week Teaching Resources, Worksheets & Activities | Teach Starter

A few weeks ago the children were asked to complete some home learning about a particular interest which was very successful and the children seemed to enjoy it.

This week is book week so we are asking you to choose your favourite story and do a piece of project learning about it. Have a chat with your child about their favourite book and why they like it. Is it funny? Do they like the characters in the story?

Have a look at the world book day website. There are lots of things to explore on here.

All about world book day

The stage is yours

Have fun



Number TimePhonicsProject – Favourite story projectLive Storytime
For our number work today I would like us to focus on different positions.

I bet Mary loved snuggling up with her lamb on her knee and having him next to her.

Start by singing the bean bag song. You could choose your favourite teddy to put in the different positions in the song. Sing to the tune of “If your happy and you know it”.

Put Your Beanbag Song

After singing the song play the game. Look at the picture of a farmyard and answer the position questions.

A4 poster positions

Poster Instructions

You have a bit of a challenge for phonics today. You are going to practice reading using all the skills that you have built up.

Say the word and find the matching picture. You can print these off or just match using your finger. I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 2 Set 1

I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 2 Set 2

I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 2 Set 3

How are you getting on with your favourite story challenge? Some of the children yesterday had put some of their ideas on dojo. I am very excited to see what story you have chosen. It’s very difficult to choose mine as I have so many.

One of them is “peace at last”. Poor Mr Bear I felt so sorry for him. All he wanted was a good night’s sleep.



Literacy – PhonicsLive Storytime


PhonicsPhysical Development – YogaLive Storytime