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MondayEnglishMathsSpellings Project
1.3.21Last week, you completed a number of different objectives that will help you with today’s  piece of writing. Therefore, please look back at your work from last week to help with your writing.

The video clips that we worked through are below in case you need to refresh your memory. Once you have completed your paragraph, make sure you check your work against the attached success criteria. Have you included everything that we have asked for?

We are looking forward to reading some really detailed descriptive paragraphs.

Success criteria – The Viewer – descriptive writing

Task : WOW write – descriptive setting

We are continuing with fractions again this week and today we will be looking at how to add fractions that have the same denominator

Watch today’s video and complete the worksheet below. 


Adding and Subtracting fractions

Reasoning Q’s

Last week, we started to look at words that have an /or/ sound within them. We are going to continue words with an ‘or sound. An /or/ sound can be made in a variety of ways including using ‘or’, ‘au’ and ‘aw’.

Look Say Cover  Activity

Word Search

 Term 2B Week 2 Presentation

To celebrate Word Book Day, this week we are giving you the opportunity to complete a number of self led activities. Please see the attached resources with lots of ideas and activities you could choose to do. 

Book week activities

TuesdayEnglishMathsGuided Read Project
2.3.21REMINDER: Please make sure you have completed your setting description from yesterday and have posted onto your portfolio. 

Today, we are going to continue with our work based on the text ‘The Viewer’. We are going to look into adding non-finite clauses which we could include in our writing. 

Click here to watch today’s lesson

Make sure you pause the video as needed and complete the task below.

Please see attached comprehension for today below. Before you attempt to answer the questions, we would like you to pre-read the text. Highlight or make a note of any vocabulary you are unsure of. Predict what you think it means buy reading the ‘around it’ like we do in class. Use a thesaurus to check and/or ask your adult for help. To fully understand a comprehension we need to make sure we know what the words mean in the text. Message if you need any support. Today, we would love to find out more about your favourite book. What do you like about it? Would you recommend it and why? As a challenge, as Mr Regan mentioned during our Teams meeting, we would love to see video clips of you reading your favourite story out loud. 

In addition, please continue with your self led activities. Some ideas are given below. 

Task – LO – To practise using non-finite clausesTuesday comprehensionBook week activities
WednesdayEnglishMathsGuided Read Project
ThursdayEnglishMathsGuided Read PE 
FridayEnglishMathsSpellings/Guided Reading Project

English video clips 

Lesson 1 – to explore a text

Lesson 2 – to explore relative pronouns

Lesson 3 – to generate vocabulary

Lesson 4 – to generate verbs and adverbs