Flying High

To complete our learning on the pioneering work of the Wright Brothers and brave adventures of Amelia Earhart the Year 2 children visited the Runway park at Manchester Airport. They had a fascinating day exploring the history of flight and spent time watching the planes take off/land (including the largest plane in the world), exploring the cabin and flight deck of a real aeroplane and even standing underneath the famous nose of the supersonic plane Concorde! Ask your child what they learned and which part of the day they enjoyed most, there really was something for everybody, especially any aspiring pilots!

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our photos from our visit to the Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park!

Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park

Allanson Street Primary School
Gaskell Street, Parr, St Helens, Merseyside WA9 1PL
Monday to Friday
8:45am – 3:15pm

This equates to 32.5 hours, Monday to Friday, term time only.
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