Congratulations to our Maths Ambassadors!

In October, after delivering some fabulously persuasive speeches, these wonderful children were selected by their classmates to undertake the role of Maths Ambassadors.

They each have a fabulous attitude to maths and are so keen to help others to improve their own maths skills, knowledge and understanding.

As part of their role they:

· Celebrate maths achievements across school.

· Introduce competitions and new ideas.

· Raise the profile of maths in school

· Lead activities relating to maths.

· Give other pupils a voice and help them to share their ideas.

· Support other members of our school community in maths.

November 2019

During Parents Evening, our amazing Maths Ambassadors, set up some great activities to engage children and parents from across the school in maths activities. This included games, puzzles and the use of online resources. They even helped children and parents to better understand areas of maths that they had previously found difficult.

December 2019

Every Wednesday lunch time, the Maths Ambassadors support Year 1 and 2 children in tackling a range of puzzles which helps to boost their ability to problem solve and their resilience in maths.