Have you ever wondered how our school got its name?

Dr Richard Allanson Gaskell was the very generous benefactor of Allanson Street Primary School.

In 1902 he donated the land that this school is built on to the council. He also gave land for Gaskell Park which he said was to be the “lungs of St Helens.”

Allanson Street “tin school” was built in 1904. The plans for it can be seen on display in the entrance area at school. The brick building was started in 1918.

Obviously, Dr Richard Allanson Gaskell was a very generous and forward looking man who had a keen interest in improving the lives of local people.

His legacy has lived on for more than 100 years. How many of us will be able to make such a claim?

During 2010, Mrs Virgina Cooper, great grand daughter of Dr Gaskell visited our school to share in the experiences of the children over 100 years after the original opening of the school. In memory of their great grand father the Gaskell family have donated ‘The Gaskell Cup’ to be awarded at the end of each school year to the pupil who has made the most of the opportunities offered while at our school. This is a fitting way to remember Dr Richard Allanson Gaskell and his generosity.

Below is a video we made about the history of our school.