Allanson Street Primary School Equality Objectives

At Allanson Street Primary School, we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all children, staff, parents and carers, irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, religion or socio-economic background.

The Equality Act 2010 was introduced to ensure protection from discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of specific characteristics. For schools and academies, this means that it is unlawful to discriminate against students or treat them less favourably because of their gender, race, disability, religion or belief, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity. Under the Act, the school is expected to comply with the Public Sector Equality duty. This requires us to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  • Advance equality of opportunity between different groups.
  • Foster good relations between different groups.

In order to further support children, raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching, we have set the following objectives: –

  1.  To develop the children’s understanding of identity, diversity, community and equality in order to provide a welcoming, safe and respectful environment for every member of the Allanson Street family and beyond.
  2. Actively close gaps in attainment and achievement between pupils and all groups of pupils; especially students eligible for free-school meals, students with special educational needs and disabilities and looked after children.
  3. To continue to review and revise the curriculum to ensure it represents a diverse society and thus encourages awareness, understanding and mutual respect.