Hello and welcome to the Year 1 Remote Learning page!

(Suggested Key Stage 1 Remote Learning Timetable)

Session 1

9am – 9.30am

Session 2

9.45 – 10.45am


Session 3

11 – 12pm

Session 4

1 – 2.30pm

Free Learning

2.30 – 3.15pm

MondayPhonics English – reading

TuesdayPhonics / ReadingEnglishClass Meeting 


WednesdayPhonics / ReadingEnglish

ThursdayPhonics / ReadingEnglish

FridayPhonics / ReadingEnglishClass Meeting




9.45-10.45am11-12pm1 – 2.30pm



English – Reading:MathsProjectReading/ Story
Please use the links below to access your child’s phonics session:

Mrs Welding’s group – Revisit – ire

Miss Ellis’ group –New sound – air

Mrs Prescott’s group – Revisit – air

Mrs Welding’s RWI group – Lost

Reading Comprehension – Lost

Miss Ellis’ RWI group – The Spell

Reading Comprehension – The Spell

Mrs Prescott’s RWI group – Playday

Reading Comprehension – Playday

Missing numbers introduction

Some examples of calculations to complete will be posted on Dojos.  Remember to use your preferred method of number lines, objects or known number facts to help!

How do plants grow?

Children can watch the refresher video above before moving on to the lesson introduction

Plant introduction

Activity sheet

 Choose your favourite book to read or listen to, and send a picture on dojos of which book you have chosen!


Phonics / Reading: 
English:Maths: ProjectFree time
Please use the links below to access your child’s phonics session:

Mrs Welding’s group – Re-visit -ear

Miss Ellis’ group – New sound – ir

Mrs Prescott’s group – Revisit – ir

Today we would like you to reflect on your time in year 1.  Use class Dojo to revisit special memories (photos, posts etc) and chat about what you enjoyed the most.

You can then use the template or your own paper to write about your special memories

My time in year one writing sheet

Splat Game introduction

Splat Game link

Today we would love you to create some posters all about plants!!

Chat to your grown up about what you now know about plants, and think about how you want to present this on your poster – you could include photographs, pictures, captions, labels, sentences…the choice is yours!

End your day with a relaxing yoga session

Cosmic Yoga

 Missing numbers


Phonics / Reading
 Please use the links below to access your child’s phonics session:

Mrs Welding’s group – Revisit – ure

Miss Ellis’ group – New sound – ou

Mrs Prescott’s group – Revisit – ou

Over the next 2 days, we would love you to write a letter to your new teacher.

Today, write all about yourself!  Your name, your family, friends, interests at home etc.

Tomorrow we will then be writing about our interests in school and what we are looking forward to in year 2 🙂

Letter to teacher

Hit the Button

Revisit your number bonds, doubles and halves!

Today we would like you to think about your hopes and dreams for year 2.  You can write sentences or draw pictures in your own dream jar and we will chat about these next week in school.

My hopes and dreams jar

Share with your grown up 5 things you are grateful for 🙂
 TEAMS MEETING TODAY AT 9.30AMUse the code breaker sheet to work out the football themed words!

Code breaker

Can you create your own word for your friend’s to guess?



Phonics / ReadingEnglishMathsPEFree time
 Mrs Welding’s group-

Teach – ue

Teach – ie

Miss Ellis’ group –

Teach – oy

Revisit – or

Mrs Prescott’s group –

Revisit – or

Revisit – oy

Today we would like you to complete the second part of your letter.  Tell Miss Williams all about what you like to do in school – your favourite subject, what you’re really good at, what you hope to achieve in year 2!Quarters introduction

Use objects around your house to find quarters before moving on to the activity sheet.

 Choose one of the videos below !!

Cosmic Yoga

Work out

Dino Dance

Design a football strip


Word search

 If you have finished the letter to Miss Williams, you can also try one of the comprehension activities below, all about pets!

Comprehension task on pets

Finding quarters