Rise and Shine Club

It is widely acknowledged that quality learning cannot take place on an empty stomach. At Allanson Street we want to make sure that every child can access a healthy meal to start their day off the right way- even those who usually refuse one at home!

In addition to our chargeable breakfast club, we are proud to offer a free breakfast club that is open to all our children.

Our ‘Rise and Shine’ club is open from 8:20am -8:45am every school day and staff serve up a healthy breakfast including toast, fruit, milk and juice to any child who wants to attend. This earlier opening time has proven to be a great help to some of our families who were previously finding it difficult to get their children here on time.

This breakfast club is run with the support of ‘The Greggs Foundation’ who supply our delicious bread, fresh from their local bakery and the local housing association ‘Torus’, who provide some additional funding to purchase our range of appetising toast spreads.

Our Dining Hall provides us with just the right space to enjoy a nutritious and tasty breakfast with our friends before heading off to class – our ‘Rise and Shine’ club means that no child needs to start their day hungry.

Places, both long term and as a one off, can be booked by sending a message to the Pastoral inbox on Class Dojo. Please get in touch if your child would like to join us!