Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with changes in technology and all the new apps that appear overnight. Here are some documents written by the government which may help, advising how to keep your child safe when using the internet:

General guides:

NSPCC share-aware-parents-guide

A parent’s digital guide

Digital parenting

Stopping screen addiction- a parents guide

Live streaming and how to monitor it

Recognising and preventing online grooming

How to spot fake news

Specific app advice:

Yubo guide

Youtube guide

Whatsapp guide

Twitch guide

Tik-tok guide

Instagram guide

Minecraft guide

Roblox guide

Snapchat guide

FIFA guide

Fortnite guide

GTA guide

Specific console advice:

Top tips for nintendo

Top tips for ipod-touch

Top tips for iphone

Top tips for ipad

Top tips for playstation