Steps to Success

What is Steps to Success?

At Allanson Street, we are determined to give our children the very best chance at living long, happy, fulfilling lives. As such, we constantly seek ways to improve our curriculum, our teaching methods and the learning opportunities we offer our children.

However, we know that for our children to become the very best version of themselves as adults, we need to develop in them a real love of learning. We need to find things they are passionate about and give them opportunities to experience the feeling of success that comes from their own hard work and commitment. To do this, we have created Steps to Success.

Steps to Success is a programme of opportunities in which children engage both in school and at home. Their involvement in this runs from the minute they join us to the day that they leave us in Year 6. As the children undertake activities, they earn credits and, if they earn enough credits by the end of each year, they are invited to take part in a fabulous graduation ceremony at Edge Hill University.

Why should my child get involved?

There are a number of excellent reasons that every child should get involved in our Steps to Success programme. First and foremost, their involvement will help them to:

  • Find new things that they enjoy
  • Expose them to new experiences
  • Develop their confidence and self-esteem
  • Teach them that learning isn’t something that’s confined to the classroom
  • Develop in them a love for learning
  • Help them to see learning as the most effective path to success.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, as mentioned earlier, if the children do engage in the programme and earn enough credits then they will take part in a wonderful graduation ceremony at Edge Hill University.

At their graduation, the children wear caps and gowns and are presented with a graduation certificate. We welcome families to join us at Edge Hill to celebrate their children’s achievements.

What does my child need to do out of school?

At the beginning of each half term break, we send home a sheet of challenges that looks like this:

All past challenges can be found at the bottom of this page.

Every child in school receives the same set of challenges each half term. This is so that challenges can be can be undertaken as a family which will hopefully make achieving them more manageable.

The children have a full half term to complete as many challenges as they can, each challenge completed earns them one credit.

Children can also earn extra credits by taking part in extra-curricular activities within school (they will earn one credit for each session attended). We offer a range of lunchtime and after school clubs (please click the link to see the clubs on offer).

The number of credits the children need to earn by the end of the year are:

Bronze award30 credits
Silver award65 credits
Gold award100 credits
Bronze certificate130 credits
Silver certificate165 credits
Gold certificate200 credits
Bronze diploma230 credits
Silver diploma265 credits
Gold diploma300 credits
Silver degree365 credits

Any credits the children earn are carried forward each year. See worked examples below:

Year 1Year 2
Child AEarns 15 credits but does not graduate in Year 1.15 credits are carried forward.

20 additional credits are earned and the child graduates at bronze award level.

All 35 credits are carried forward to Year 3.

Child BEarns 33 credits and graduates at bronze award level.33 credits are carried forward.

25 additional credits are earned and the child graduates at silver award level.

All 55 credits are carried forward to Year 3.

How can I help?

You can help your child to earn credits and thus graduate from the Steps to Success programme by:

  • Encouraging your child to get involved.

Help them to choose activities that they’ll enjoy doing, help to make them fun and keep promoting a love of learning and the value in attending school.

  • Help your child to record their achievements

This could be a photo, a video, a picture, a short piece of writing…whatever you can think of. Just send these over to your child’s teacher on dojo or as a printed copy and they will record the credits earned.

I hope you’re as excited about our Steps to Success programme as we are.

If you have any questions at all about our Steps to Success programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Lea, our Steps to Success co-ordinator.