The aim is for our pupils to learn to be confident and competent when learning mathematical concepts, in order to acquire mathematical skills for life.

As a school we strive to provide high quality mathematics teaching that is creative and engaging and involves a blend of approaches that direct children’s learning. We strongly believe that learning mathematics should be underpinned by a great deal of practical number work. Hence, our pupils have access to a wide range of practical mathematics equipment such as abbaci, Numicon, digit cards and other counting equipment that they will use well into key stage 2 to strengthen their understanding of number.  Our Visual Calculation policy also ensures a common progressive approach to calculation methods throughout school.

In addition pupils are given daily experience of mental maths strategies. This is vitally important because so often the maths that we do in the “real world” is done at the shop counter and in other situations when paper and pencil or calculators are not available. The mental maths sessions also help to build up the pupil’s “ working memory” of number. Therefore we focus on key facts that all pupils should know including number bonds, times tables, how to tell the time and how to measure accurately.

Pupils will be given opportunity to develop logical and flexible approaches to activities. Whenever possible, lessons will be related to other subjects in the curriculum and to real life situations in the world beyond the classroom.

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 programmes of study ensuring progression in knowledge, skills and understanding.