Science is a core subject and a vital part of our curriculum.

The teaching of science in school follows the National Curriculum 2014 guidelines. The input that the staff give each lesson encourages and extends the pupil’s natural curiosity about scientific concepts.

The science curriculum is delivered in a way that builds on and reinforces previous experiences. In addition to the statutory requirements, learning covers the historical aspects of innovation and discovery that have taken place in the past. pupils are encouraged to ask questions, to hypothesise and to design their own scientific experiments.

Information Technology features largely in the learning of science, in particular through the use of interactive internet sites to aid learning and develop research skills. In addition, this medium is used both to celebrate pupil’s work in science through the school website and to share scientific knowledge and learning with other schools by the use of email.

Many trips out of school have a scientific theme, starting with Nursery trips to the squirrel reserve and farm, leading to visits to Eureka, St Helens Glass and local museums.