Pupils are taught and encouraged to develop sporting, gymnastic and dance skills, which will enable them to take part in a variety of physical activities in later years.

We also help pupils to reach their full potential and to feel as positive as possible about this aspect of their lives. Wherever possible, opportunities are taken to teach pupils the importance of looking after their own body and benefits of exercise and proper diet. The pupils in key stage 2 are given the opportunity to learn to swim.

The school has a large hall for indoor work, two large hardcore outside areas, a large field and a state of the art Sports and Arts Centre.

The school provides further opportunities for physical development in numerous after school clubs.

Through out sport and PE provision we aim to:

  • develop physical co-ordination and competence;
  • promote the physical and psychological benefits of participation in aerobic activity whilst at school and throughout life;
  • develop artistic and aesthetic appreciation within and through movement;
  • help pupils develop socially through competition and co-operation;
  • promote attitudes towards health and physical fitness and an understanding of the biological aspects of the body;
  • provide equal opportunities for all pupils to reach their potential;
  • teach the necessary skills to build up competency and to enjoy participation in various games;
  • give pupils equal opportunity to represent the school in various activities/teams;
  • teach the pupils the spirit of fair play and a positive view of healthy competition and to take part in friendly and competitive games.