RE enables children to develop their understanding and appreciation of diversity. It helps to promote shared values and respect for all.

Within school we have adopted the St Helens agreed syllabus for Religious Education which promotes the following aims:

  1. To encourage children towards an understanding of people’s beliefs, values and practices.
  2. To develop, within children, respect and sensitivity towards other people and their beliefs and philosophies.
  3. To give opportunities for children to reflect on and respond to the values, beliefs and practices of different religions and philosophies.
  4. To enable children to develop their own insights.

Our syllabus does not attempt to nurture pupils into a particular faith or encourage biased comparisons of faith and philosophies.

Where possible RE is included in our thematic approach to learning and helps to enhance children’s personal, spiritual and moral development. RE helps to create confident individuals by promoting self-awareness and self-esteem as children ask questions and explore responsibility.

Our Religious Education is of a broadly Christian nature and collective worship takes place during assemblies. If a parent or carer requests that his or her child be wholly or partly excused attendance from religious worship or religious instruction or both, he or she shall be excused if the request is made in writing. Safe provision will be made for any child withdrawn.